Longmire TV series mystery novels by Craig Johnson

The bestselling author Craig Johnson is written the novel Longmire, a crime drama that has an Australian actor Robert Taylor, who is also the Sharif of Absaroka County. The story revolves around the protagonist. Who has lost his wife recently, but still keep on patrolling.

Longmire series in television
• A new female associate Vic and his daughter Cady helps him to achieve got high appreciation and were taking the decision to fight reelection.
• He has a best friend Henry Standing Bear, whom he usually calls for support. The city of the story is New Mexico. 3rd June 2112 the series is in premiered is TV.
• Two renowned people do the total development of the series. There are other DVDs, which are available also for big bang theory season 1 to 9.which is again famous humorous series clubbed with theory.
• Throughout the days the sarcasm, friendship, and romance will give full-time entertainment. With every episode, the humor of the series will multiply.
Story line and its cast
• As the story revolves around Walt, whom after his beloved wife’s sudden death keep on patrolling in the city? Highly supported by his daughter and a colleague Vic.
• The portrayal of characters is one after another going wrong at the end of the series. The ending is not at all good.
• As it was forcefully stopped. Sometime Longmire series the suspense thriller has become a soap opera, so the story lines changes and the moving towards a bad end.
• The story moves as a crime thriller. Like the rape, case suspect died in the county.
• Walt and Vic both can smell the mystery behind it. A Very thrilling novel with lots of twists and turns. Netflix renews Longmire seasons of sixth and final.