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How to set up a LinkedIn Profile: social networking sites for professionals?


Social media is being used as a recruitment platform for all persons, these days. LinkedIn is considered to be the searchable database of talent and skill. You are very specific about what you want to offer professionally, is visible to everyone on the site. This is the hang out the place of the supply side of the market and labor. The social networking site, selling the best of you, may be a job, consultancy or related to business deal; it is the best linkedin profiles which scores higher.

How to set up a LinkedIn profile?

• First, upload a picture of yours. A simple photograph, professionally taken for the professional purpose.
• No photographs of animals or nature. It should be pleasant, no artificiality. Face value is very important for any profession.
• As LinkedIn is a search engine, it provides 120 characters to write down about yourself or rather help you project yourself professionally.
• Some just put their job title that’s it. But if you give descriptive and professionally describe to the world, how good you are in your profession. That is self-marketing is very important. So that right you are noticed by the right person.
• Effective headlines could be HR, Marketing Head, and PR, etc. These are the professional ways to get connected with right people.
• The summary section is the best part of the LinkedIn profile. A video related to your profession and info graphics or high resolution photos can be uploaded

The main substance of the profile is your experience. LinkedIn profile tips have the best experience details of your professional career, which will attract your employers.
Groups are the good way to remain on the same platform, people who are in the same profession and field.

Keep updating the information. Don’t pursue any wrong dubious information’s, regarding your profession.