How rich is Angie Dickinson?

George Clooney is one of the Hollywood a Lister and one of the most successful people in Hollywood. He is an actor, directors, screenplay writer and an activist who is supposed to have about $250 million dollars’ net worth as per how-rich.org. Clooney belongs to Lexington and was born on May 6th 1961.
During the struggling days of George, he lived in his car for some time. Although his car was parked in the garage of Rosemary Clooney Mansion, who is his aunt. Clooney started his acting career with some minor shows in TV but his first major breakthrough was with E/R in 1984. Here it should be noted that this E/R is different from the NBC drama ER, which started about 10 years later. Later on Clooney made is big screen presence felt with many highly appreciated movies such as Dusk ‘til Dawn, Out of Sights, One fine Day. Clooney also played the iconic role of Batman, though appearing in only one moviefor more http://how-rich.org/how-rich-is-angie-dickinson/.
Clooney left ER, in the year 1999 as he enjoyed many box office successes which included his most popular film till date Ocean 11. Clooney has also got an Academy Award as a Best Supporting Actor for his role in movie Syriana. This was same year in which Clooney also received a nomination for directing and writing Good Night and Good Luck. That was the first time in the history of Oscars when someone was nominated for acting in one film and directing in another.
Clooney has also been involved in many political causes for which he has gained a lot of praise. It’s been its hard work and good will which has provided him a lot of success over the years. It’s this success which makes him worthy of $250 million which he has earned as per for more http://how-rich.org/how-rich-is-angie-dickinson/. click here to know more about Alejandro Salomon net worth