All you need to know about burglar bars

For security purposes while not compromising on aesthetic appeal, one should have polycarbonate burglar bars installed. These are the strongest and most clear burglar bars which are available and they can be used in indoor spaces as well as for outdoor spaces too. These come in different styles and types. They can be fitted even on windows and some of these products even come in scratch free varieties.

Most people do not like the jailed in look of normal burglar bars and it is for this reason that transparent burglar bars are the best solution. In addition to clear burglar bars, there are designer bars available as well. These are usually preferred by beach resorts, hotels, game lodges or even for kids rooms.

As these products are clear, there are a variety of benefits that are provided. In addition to making the home more secure, the resale value of the home increases. In addition to it, more light can be let in. It also adds to the spaciousness of the home or the resort.

The burglar bars as well as security gates which are transparent are usually tested to withstand breaking forces of 3000 kgs and therefore when one installs these, they can rest assured and be free from tension. There are also bars that have double sided UV coating and some have self extinguishing capabilities too.

The window burglar bars are usually combined with stainless steel and so there is no corrosion. It also means that there is no maintenance which is required or that it will fade. Most of the plastic burglar bars even come with warranties or guarantees up to 10 years. These are even approved by insurance companies.

For these products to be fitted, qualified installers are required. These ensure that the job done is fast and clean. click here to get more information Home security.