About providence medical center amphitheater

Providence medical center amphitheater is recognized as one of the most popular open air amphitheatre that can be found in KansasCity. It has been renovated a number of times with different names since its inauguration in the year 1984. Earlier it was famous by the name sandstone center amphitheater that was very popular for performing arts. It was very popular since its inauguration and a lot of very popular musicians have performed at this arena. It is currently owned by Wyandotte county and the government of KansasCity. According to the survey, it is to the current date, the largest open air amphitheater available in the entire United States of America. You can get all the required information from their official website online.

More about Bonner Springs amphitheater
In the year 1984, sandstone center amphitheatre was inaugurated in order to offer a good platform for all artists to entertain their audiences. Numerous very popular pop singers are able to organize their concert at bonner springs amphitheater and were able to entertain the audience to a greater level. It was a letter renamed as Verizon wireless amphitheatre in the year 2002 when Verizon wireless company was able to buy the naming rights. This was for a period of 7 years and the naming rights was purchased from clear channel Entertainment Company that is based in Houston.

Information on cricket wireless amphitheatre
When the amphitheatre was inaugurated in the year 1984 it was named as sandstone center amphitheater. Later cricket wireless company purchase the naming rights of the amphitheater as it was very popular. Then it was renamed as Cricket Wireless Amphitheater that gained much higher popularity after organizing lots of concerts of popular pop singers worldwide. It was able to host some of the most recognized of singers who are able to make the audience go craze at this same amphitheatre.