A Look at Accelerometry Device

Healthcare professionals and researchers globally are becoming more concern about the pattern and amount of person’s day to day physical activity. To get the sum total daily physical activity of a person, there is need for Accelerometry device. This is a wearable sensors made with Maastricht instrument is built to measure physical activity of a person as well as the pattern with clinical grade accuracy. With the help of this device, you are going to be sure of knowing your daily physical activities and the pattern. For that reason, you need to go for this device when you want to accurately measure your physical activities for the day.

What you need to know about physical activity monitor
You want to ensure absolute physical activity monitor, this MOX is the medical grade wearable device you need to check. The abovementioned accelerometer is validated for measurement of different physical activities. Also, this device is designed to measure even the intensity of physical activity of a person with guaranteed accuracy. Another great thing about this wearable device is that it has the features that differentiate sedentary behavior of a person such as lying and standing sitting and the dynamic. It also has lots of potential applications that made it one of the best among other instruments made for the same purpose.
Accelerometry designed to monitor your physical activities
Among the potential applications of Accelerometry is in measuring physicals activity of subjects in research studies. It is also used physical therapy or rehabilitation settings for monitoring of the physical activity. In fact, there are so much uses of this instruments including Gait analysis and others. Apart from being used to measure physical activity of a person, this can equally be used to detect fall risk as well as fall detection and lots more. The accuracy in measuring physical activity of a person is the main reason for the popularity.